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vimeo.com/389228511 This is video taster of our latest endeavour into the world of an unique retelling of the British dystopian horror ‘Day of the Triffids’ by John Wyndham. Goes on tour around the UK this October!

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2019 Holocaust Memorial

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On January 25th 2019, I was requested to attend this years Holocaust Memorial at the Corn Exchange, Dorchester. My reason for being there? To play Gypsy violin. The reason for the violin being chosen in particular, is that in the concentration camps it was said that a violinist always played as people were[…]

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How is it that we do this?

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Bobby McFerrin demonstrating how we are all hardwired to hear music as a Pentatonic (five note) scale. It’s worth watching to the end to really see how special this is, especially when he mentions that he’s done the same experiment all over the world, in all cultures, with the same results!  

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