Beginning of a lesson

Matt is a violin teacher based near Dorchester in Dorset. His main areas of interest and teaching are:

Traditional music of Ireland, Scotland, and many other folk traditions

Learning by ear: a technique that anyone can master

Improvisation, learn how to develop your listening and playing skills and create your own, on-the-spot music.

Developing strong “classical” technique to give students a versatile playing style, good posture, tone, and intonation (Matt’s own training was at the Purcell School of Music)

Solving physical issues with playing: for example, sore arms, aching neck, or stiff fingers

Creating an authentic sound, via the use of bowing techniques and ornamentation

Building repertoire: a memory bank of tunes that enables students to participate in traditional music sessions

Lessons are available at Matt’s place, your place (additional charge of 20p per mile), or online.

Lesson rates (GBP):

£30 per hour

£15 per ½ hour

If you’d like to book a lesson or have any questions, email Matt.

online lesson

“After years of face-to-face lessons with Matt, I wasn’t sure how computer-based lessons would match up. I needn’t have had any doubts; the video and sound quality during Matt’s lessons are amazing and his expertise with technology soon made it feel as though he was in the room teaching me. I’ve been so impressed by Matt’s remote lessons that I’ve signed my son up for them as well and he’s making great progress and loving them.”

Patrick & Rowan, 2021

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