Elephant Talk

Elephant Talk poster

Elephant Talk – Modern Urban Folk band.

Celtic, Eastern European and Asian dance fiddle tunes and massive songs all fueled by rocking dance beats = a festival and party winner!
“They call it ‘urban folk’, an ambitious admixture of pure acoustic traditional themes and supersmart electronic evocations of dubstep, trance and other all-night party grooves. Looped up fiddle and mandolin meet pure gizmo-driven rhythm tracks, with Sarah Joy-Pearson giving it what for on vocals.” The Canteen Review, Bristol January ’13

Matt plays the fiddle and composes and arranges music in Reason 7.01 and Ableton Live with Komplete 9 for Elephant Talk.

“When I answered the ad in the Musicians Union magazine for a fiddle player in 2008 I had no idea that it would be for one of my favourite live bands Elephant Talk. They were an integral part of my musical diet for a good part of the late 90′s and at the time I’d often thought about what it would be like to play in this kind of line up”

I had always had a great love for sequence based composing since those heady early 90′s (I owned an Amiga 1200 with it’s revolutionary 4 tracks of simultaneous sequencing on an 8 bit chip with hundreds of samples stored on floppy discs, ahh those were the days!)

This passion for electronica, coupled with my professional career in the mid 90′s through to 2001 as a Paris based fiddle player working Europe, Scandinavia and Eastern Europe would be the building blocks for where I find myself now.

In Elephant Talk we are a versatile 3-piece band. We all come from very different musical backgrounds but we have the same vision of what we want to sound like. Each of us are using effects processing units to loop, delay, phase, distort and generally mess up the sound of our instruments as much as is humanly possible!

I now find myself using equipment that I used to fantasise about in my wildest dreams in my Amiga days to create new beats and sounds. I couldn’t wish for anything more, apart from a massive sound-proofed practice room on a hill somewhere maybe!!”


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